Friday, February 20, 2009

Go support the Girl Scouts!

If you've yet to purchase a box of cookies, now is the time to support the girl scouts. If you didn't pre-order any, you still have opportunities to buy those delicious thin mints (that are the best when kept in the freezer). I am sure you've seen the tables set up outside grocery stores and other business buildings so buy a box!!!
Once upon a time I wore that very fine looking green vest with a few patches sewn to it. It was a friend making club my mom inserted me into when we moved the first time across the country, and well, it worked. I made friends that year and I left them the next but the point it, I had a blast with the girl scouts and learned some valuable life lessons about sharing, confidence and friendship. They have a special place in my heart.
Cookie sales are low this year, among other products. Cocoa and other baking staples are up in price making the profit for the scouts lower even though they had to raise the price this year to $4 a box. It's worth it, though! READ MORE
Go pick up a box of Carmel Delights and support a camp fire trip for a troop!
Thanks, I'll step down from my soap box for the time being.

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