Monday, March 2, 2009

Can you Imagine?

Well, Tough Times are Upon Us!

I hate to be Debby Downer today and this early on a Monday but...

My company, which will stay anonymous,(lol *cough-cough*) has made another employee layoff and this time, AND cut salaries of the remaining employees! Yep, you read correctly, they cut salaries of everyone left! Can you live with 25% less money in your paycheck every week? (To ruin the ending: I am fully employed and thankfully not affected by the 25% pay cut. Stay tuned for the details)

Frustrated, annoyed, depressed, confused, worried, desperate, shocked!

All of these words spread threw my mind and body like the plague on Wednesday when I first heard. It's hard to stay calm and think good thoughts when you're worried about your job, your rent payment and the wedding that you've already thrown thousands of dollars at.

Well, to explain why I am still gainfully employed with 100% of my salary is because my company is technically separate from the parent company that did the laying off. My company is in every sense of the word separate and because we are producing over here and are selling our product we may keep our money and jobs. THANK GOD!

That still only means one thing: I am only safe and employed for NOW! That's all you can say, all anyone can say, and all you can hope for at this time. I am worried, but my boss has given us his solemn vow to stick behind us if we stick with him! He is backing us and trying to sell our product so we can keep our jobs. Sell, Rick, Sell! He's an amazing boss and well, I thank him for many things, but now my high fives are for my job!


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