Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Fun Wedding Finds, Fun Times, Good Eats and Great Friends!

It's been quite sometime that I've loved vintage items. It may not have been known but I really do! I love antique malls that are 5 stories high and flea markets in stadium parking lots and garage sales at 7AM on Saturday mornings. I love finding the deals and steals out there on the truly great vintage style. I've inherited the love of the old from my dad, king of antiquing! He'll go way out of his way to visit an antique mall and might even schedule a vacation around an antique visit. Dad spends money on the old, has antique furniture and restores pieces he's had for sometime. All of those items I love and have now become special family heirlooms.

This love of mine was something I found in Nolan! As unusual as it seems, Nolan and I both love visiting old antique malls and playing for days, it's been something I've loved in him since finding out by filling a boring day early in our relationship with a walk around downtown Reno that turned into a 4 hour adventure in an antique mall (that old two story one that was part of the wine walk and recently closed.) Because of our love of the old I wanted to include a few vintage flares into the wedding decor. I'm using our family's wedding photos, some from 3 generations ago, and asked Mom to incorporate some heirlooms she thinks would fit.

To get back to the point, Reno was full of antique malls that could fill a Saturday or Sunday. They were easy to get to and fun to explore.

Since moving, the closest antique mall I've visited is an hour ride from my house, leaving a void where I would typically fill with my guilty pleasure. To say the least it was a fun trip, but man, not having a car and relying on public transportation can become cumbersome and frustrating. Yes, I know Chicago has many vintage shops, but they usually specialize in clothes and that's not really what I like expoloring. In turn, I've satisfied my antiquing guilty pleasure by looking on eBay and finding vintage furniture, photos, books, lamps and other items on other sites,(the good ones are few and far between.) But, since I've begun my wedding planning I've done more research than I can stand and have found sites that have vintage sections. This brings me to fun finds!

Etsy.com - a crafter's dream! This site sells homemade crafts from silly buttons to well tailored hand bags to vintage wedding items.

Vintage Glam Weddings - a blog specializing on vintage weddings! They not only include wedding ideas, but they include a Craig's List type of element to their site: An online Flea Market: http://vintageglamblog.com/classifieds/. This online flea market includes all sorts of wedding items that you can buy or sell! I am impressed with the idea, it's great to have another opportunity to buy a used item for cheaper and possibly put it back up for sale after the wedding. I like helping other find those great deals (that's reflected in my Sunday ritual of coupon clipping).

Fun Times!

Mom just got back from Miami! I hope she had a great time, I think next time she goes she should take the kid that is stuck in the 20 degree weather and sideways falling snow! I hope you had a great time!

Good Eats!

Green Lite Bites - a new recipe finder I have been browsing the last couple weeks for lite inspiration for keeping my lbs dropping!

Great Friends!

Last weekend Jackie's sister and brother-in-law, Lucas came through town on their way to Mexico. I always enjoy when they come into town because it seems natural to have them around, without putting on a song and dance for them as they have seen Chicago and they just come purely for our company and are easy to please! We played a board game, ate a great dinner and had a few adult beverages! They are a blast to be around! Also on the Newport Hostel radar is another fun filled weekend with friends from all over coming to stay with us! This week, Crista (Reno), Danielle (Baltimore), Stefan (Reno), Buddha (San Bernadino) are all coming to hang out! It is Jackie's quarter life celebration so we are all excited to be honoring her this weekend with the prospect of drinking one too many!

So that's the more upbeat portion of the blog, stay tuned for more as we head into warmer days!

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