Monday, April 20, 2009

Introducing "The Venue"

There are some stunning places in Lake Tahoe to be wed. From the top whispering peaks around Emerald Bay to the familiar sandy spots of Nevada Beach; you could spend a lifetime exploring the possibilities, well maybe only a couple weekends!

Because Nolan and I were and still are living in Illinois, it was difficult to find OUR spot in the multitude of beaming possibilities. We knew we wanted our ceremony to be held in Tahoe, as it was my dream as a little girl and although he won't admit to dreaming of it Nolan rarely mention another location. I do recall that Mill Creek found it's way into conversation though (family cabin in No. California). In my search, I wasn't to be detoured even with the gazillion dollar price tag I often encountered. I found many ceremony locations I liked but few that fit our guest list and even less that fit our budget! We contemplated slicing the ceremony guest list but ultimately we wanted our entire guest list present to witness our vows. I found Paradise Park as I browsed the internet, it seemed to jump out of the computer.

My good Ol' Pops volunteered to drive up there to do some recon work for us. As you'll see he was able to blend into the reception that was about to commence! He isn't shy when it comes to standing out... He ventured up there about the end of September last year, always a plus to see a venue during the time of the year you'll be using it! A month later, Susie and John toured the grounds to give us some more shots of the park (without a reception). I can't express my gratitude enough to them as they made our lives easier.

Now, I know that Paradise Park isn't technically on Lake Tahoe... it is still high among the Alpine trees. Located about 15 minutes south of South Lake Tahoe in a small town, Meyers, CA. I don't feel like we sacrificed our Lake Tahoe dream, it's beautiful and keeps us within our budget! Paradise Park was also the inspiration for our theme and stamp we made. Our theme is FAMILY TREE. I hope to incorporate our theme in all our wedding elements.

From our parents' experiences and photos we booked the park, albeit a week later than we wanted but still in September. We will use the tree for our ceremony and the recreation hall for our reception. The large patio will be our dinner and dancing spot. I can't wait!

Take a look at our ceremony site. The 1000-year-old pine will shade us as we say, "I do."

The tree from afar, looking at it from the rec hall.

The outdoor patio of the rec hall along Lake Baron.

The patio with tables and a food tent. Starting to pull the picture together.

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