Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sole Searching

1st, I must admit, this title is not mine... I purposefully stole it from Miss Bruschetta on I thought it was so fitting for my post.

2nd, I found a pair of shoes I most likely will be walking down the aisle in!

I searched High and low last Saturday and came up with only one real contender. Today I spent my day with wedding on the brain.

I went to fabulous Macy's today to accomplish two things; have a make up trial (I will share more later) and find a pair of wedding shoes. I need a pair for my next dress fitting. I want to get the alterations moving along and shoes will do just that. I need shoes to get a proper bustle.

Well, are you ready to see the shoes?

I can't hear you!!!!!

Okay, okay, chill out...

Meet Naturalizer's Swirl!

I am most in love with their vintage meets 2009 style. The pair I purchased from Macy's today are tan. I am afraid that they might compete with the dress a bit. But luckily for me as I was searching Naturlizer's website they offer a bone color in these beautiful shoes that was not at our dear Macy's. So I contacted Naturlizer shop downtown and they have a bone color in my size!!!! I am going to ask Jackie to purchase them on Monday since they aren't open on Sundays. She doesn't know it yet... :) I will most likely keep the tan pair until after my fitting on 5/16 to make sure the pair I ultimately decide on works perfectly. Below I show both bone and tan.

I am ecstatic about finding these shoes, one more check on my to do list!!!!

Please see Swirl in bone:

VS Tan:

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  1. I love Naturalizers! Love them. I have a pair that looks just like those that I wear all the time and are so comfortable. Good choice!