Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coming Post: Another Chicago "HOW TO"

Last weekend I ran several errands that included groceries at the farmer's market (the best one I've ever been to, the crepe I had might have skewed the results), a bridesmaid dress alteration, returning a dress to Banana Republic, and a lovely trip to Joann's for some material for DIY projects I have lined up for the wedding!

I took some photos for my soon-to-be sister-in-law's curiosity and will post them in the next couple days! Ric I am always thinking of you!!! Pictures involve the Chicago transit system (my livelihood depends on this lovely metropolitan staple), the farmer's market, and fun things I saw along my route!

But to peak your interest in my wedding planning land I have been reading several blogs to keep me motivated and on the right track in building a ceremony and reception that is truly and uniquely Nolan and me! We keep, scratch that, I keep thinking of new RAD ways to entertain and awe the crowd when it comes to our event. I must say that Nolan has done a great job of keeping me grounded (popping my bubble) on more than one occasion! This in the end, has and will save us some moola! Something I am (more so in the future than now) grateful for.

To read the most recent post that has done a great job of putting things into perspective please read this post by The Offbeat Bride. She keeps you thinking of that balance we all strive for in life and in event planning, while some of the comments reiterate her truthful depiction of achieving balance of attaining those oh's and awe's everyone wants at their wedding and keeping it about what's important, your marriage and sharing it with those who matter the most to you!

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