Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chicago HOW TO (Two weeks old)

Good Evening my friends!

So I am going to keep this short and to the most fun, interesting points that I had wanted to make a while ago!

So the weekend of May 9th I took on my lovely city of Chicago! My first of a few Saturday errands began with a trip to the Farmer's Market, Green City Market I mentioned before. The market is to say the least amazing and fun! I hadn't eaten anything before I got there but that wasn't a problem as there were a handful of vendors selling freshly made food cooked from ingredients sold at the market!!!!

Let's get to some photos!

Tada, I am leaving the house...

For the non city dwellers, I am taking photos of my local city buses! :)
The 22 picks up just off my street and takes me all the way downtown.

The buses are equipt with handicap seats that fold up and most have a ramp that unfolds out of the door to allow wheelchairs on. Pretty neat! (even though that can increase travel time by quite a bit!)

In Chicago there are over a hundred routes so it is vital that you get to learn your local bus routes but the CTA is great in advertising on the street and in every train station are easy to read maps!

After a 20 minute bus ride, I arrived at the GREEN CITY MARKET

This was the first weekend they had the market outside since last fall. The Nature Museum down the street from their park location holds the market on winter Saturdays.

You can see parts of the city peaking out from behind the trees and canopies. I satisfied my hunger with a delicious honey sugar crepe! They were hand made and the women working the booth had a orders line 15 deep and even with the lady working two gills the wait was still about 20 minutes! Crepes were the most popular of the morning it seemed! As I said above, some of the ladies here were volunteers with the market and assigned to help out the sellers! They really needed it too that morning, everyone was taking advantage of the first market of the summer. All the while your stocking your crispers with the local veggies, a couple artists were playing their instruments! They were fun!

Some shots of the goodies:

A few other side notes I likes was times were posted on chalkboards of cooking demos! Other things sold at the market, eggs, mild, all types of meats from Illinois and Michigan farmers! It was small for the first week but will increase every week through the summer. If you are here visit Wednesdays or Saturdays from 7am - 1pm!

Thanks for waiting, it's been a little nutty around the Newport house!

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