Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting in the the Wedding MOOOOOD!

For Memorial Day weekend I was back home in good ol' Reno, Nevada. I can't believe it's almost been a full year. I already have 3 more visits planned this year, so I know it won't go that long again until I see those great mountains and fantastic friends.

I had a blast for the few days I was home, I didn't get to see everyone I planned on visiting but alas, I was home!

My main mission while home was to produce a fun wedding shower for my dear friend Rachel S. We've know each other for as long as I've known how to walk! I will be standing beside her at the end of June while she takes the plunge into matrimony as she will be doing for me in September. So to celebrate her upcoming wedding her sister, mom and I planned a festive Saturday afternoon with friends, gifts, food, and fondue! It was a fun day. Rachel seemed to enjoy herself with all her good girlfriends around yapping about the future. She was all smiles (with a rum and coke in hand, of course!!!!)

Some of the most fun things about the wedding planning is some of the traditional events, like a shower with family and friends, I can't wait to have mine. Rachel's was so much fun (even though I was hung over!), playing games and celebrating Rachel's future. Congrats to her and Jordan, may they have an unbelievable life ahead of them!

Hopefully I will get some more photos of this day to post, (Rachel's mom needs to email them to me!)

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