Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fair Trade?

Sunday, Nolan and I were able to spend some nice downtime at the beach (meaning no wedding talk, no company, no worries)! Yes, that's right, Chicago has beaches! It was a relaxing time riding our bikes north to Foster Beach, laying our towels out, breaking out the Cheez Its and reading our books.

We hadn't visited Foster Beach before, so when we rode past it, we thought, "Well, good enough!" It was about 3-5 miles north of us and 15 minutes using the Lake Shore Path. The day was sunny and with little humidity! It was fantastic, I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon! Cocktails could have improved it, but I digress.

On our way home we planned on hitting the store to pick up some necessities to complete our spaghetti and meatball meal we had spent hours masterminding. Nolan's bike chain popped off 2 miles into our ride home. No big deal, we were once 8-years-old with bikes. Chain back on, off we go.

2 minutes, chain's off! Frustration, from both of us, as he won't listen, and I won't shut up! Good communication lesson: when he's too frustrated to answer, walk away and patiently wait. Chain's back on. Smile!

Chain's off!!! Grimace, I gauge the frustrated face... oh, more mad this time! He threatens to leave the bike where it stands, or give it away to a bum. I tell him to stop being irrational, there's a bike shop that can fix it tomorrow. He doesn't put the chain back on, he scooters it home (one foot on the peddle and the other advancing him while he steers).

We hit the store and as we leave there is a yard sale. Yard sales are rare in the city but when you see one, it's fun to pass through, as you're almost obligated to since it's more of a sidewalk sale than anything.

Nolan trades his bike for some nice, tall golf clubs! Good trade, they're in nice condition.

We're home, unpacking, defrosting the meat, he takes out a club to admire it. LEFT-HANDED CLUBS!


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