Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Style

I really want a relaxed wedding. I envision somewhere comfortable, where the kids would be encouraged to kick off their shoes, play and dance. (Something I hoped for the adults to do also!)

I am finding that my relaxed wedding has a ton of moving parts still and it's crazy trying to align them! To help wrangle in the creature known as a TO DO LIST, I've created a checklist with most "due dates" around our paydays! Besides keeping us on track, this has helped tremendously with our budget as well! I haven't felt like we are broke due to the wedding which is nice and it will be even more pleasant after September when we're not throwing money toward the wedding!

Back to the topic - style. I wanted a casual affair; an outside event with friends and family mingling and laughing! I get goosebumps thinking about it. Yet, it was still hard to envision a day wedding and reception. (Do many people get down and dance at a day wedding?- something to discuss in another post.) For me a day affair just yelled casual and it was the only way we were going to make our park wedding work due to the park's hours, closing at sun down and all. I want it to look chic and fun, I don't want it look second hand bought... even though some of it is!

So with our venue booked, we started to make our wedding puzzle pieces fit. I chose the bridesmaids’ dress color almost immediately - brown. I love the chic fall colors and knew that it would be easy to build upon. Everything seems to take on a life of its own when you’re building a wedding style. As you introduce other people into the mix they help you out so much but slowly it starts to become their style too, which I love. A wedding should be a family and friend affair, after all they reflect who you and your man are! I wanted the style of my girls to stand out, they should feel as good as me on that day, therefore they chose their own style in brown silk taffeta.

So with the brown dresses decided upon I began making other decisions.
I chose ties.
All different, but all the colors of our wedding! I am really excited to see them on.

I bought linen napkins for the table decor.
All 180 are one of 30 colors and patterns. I found many at World Market and Crate and Barrel, all on sale and most I convinced the managers to give me a discount because I was helping to clear out their sale section which had napkins that most wouldn't buy because they weren't part of a set. This along with the pumpkins will be our punches of color among the ivory tablecloths and ivory umbrellas.

I am giving my girls the option to choose their own accessories. I gave them each a fall color to use for their accessories. Slowly I am seeing my vision come to life. Jackie bought her shoes this weekend, a pair of fall yellow pumps that are fantastic. Rachel O. has talked about an orange flower for her dress and Kerrie a red wooden necklace. All of these things are getting me a little giddy!

So with all these parts that are within a general theme but aren't alike, do you think it will come together and look okay? I have to admit, I am a little nervous.

As I ask this question I am planning on making boutonnieres. And as I thought I'd do with all the other items, originally they were going to be different, and now I think I am pulling in the creative reins to keep them the same. Here is a photo of what I hope to achieve!

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  1. Oh I think it is going to be perfect! Very fall chic in a nice relaxed way. Great choice with the beautiful colors and good find with the napkins!