Monday, August 24, 2009


With a wedding a month away, Nolan and I have been receiving lots of items in the mail! Mail is certainly one of my favorite things about the wedding process!

To our surprise, we received a large Crate and Barrel box nearly two months ago. It was filled with three lovely white canisters! They were from our registry which had not been announced yet! Our invitations had not gone out, our registries were not yet complete or on our wedding website, and we had only told a few people where we had registered. So you can imagine how surprised we were when we received the package!

My dad’s cousins knew they were not going to be able to make it to the wedding, but they weren’t shy about sending us a gift. We appreciate it so much; it is so fun getting an unexpected gift in the mail!

Recently though, we’ve been getting these gems in the mail: RSVPs!

So far, all of them, except one have been YES! If you remember, I asked people to be creative with their responses; shown above are some of the more illustrated ones! Others include words of wisdom, silly phrases, jokes, and so on! We really have some creative friends and family!

One thing I have to admit is that most of our $.23 stamps will go to waste! A LOT of people just DON’T RSVP! It’s kind of a pain but you live with it, you have to send out your invitations knowing you’ll most likely call 1/3 of your guests to see if they’ll be attending. As aggravating as it is, some people just don’t do it! Single men mostly in our case haven’t RSVPed. They’ve had their invites for 2 weeks longer than anyone else and they still haven’t found the time to do it! They may have lost the invitation, may have chewed it up or flushed it down the toilet, it doesn’t mean they won’t show, it just means they can't fathom writing a YES or a NO and their name on an already stamped postcard and mailing it!! I may have intimidated them by asking them to do more than check a box, but so far it’s been rewarding and I am extremely happy that I chose to make these postcards.

That's all for this Monday addition of our Wedding Saga! :)

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