Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Manly Help

I've been pretty appreciative lately!

Nolan pitched in with some much needed tasks that I can't seem to accomplish. I know he really enjoys using our stamp, so I made sure most of his tasks included the things he likes. We (mainly him) stamped coasters and a few other items. Nolan also collects coasters so I thought he'd really get a kick out of our very own wedding coasters and the incorporation of a little something "NOLAN" at the wedding.

The coasters were easy on the wallet and easy to produce!
I purchased waterproof ink (2 colors for $10), 1080 3.5 inch, blank, square coasters from American Coaster Company for $35 (including shipping) and mixed in some good ol' elbow grease from Nolan! They were a simple but fun addition to the wedding weekend. We'll include them at the bar during the rehearsal dinner, at the reception, and at the after party. We might even have a few left over to bring back home for our Chicago celebration we're planning in November!

Red, yellow, and brown ink. (The brown wasn't water proof, so we'll see how that goes.)

Nolan's fake grin! Happy to be finished!

Nolan stamped less than half that were mailed to us, so we're going to sell the rest of the blank coasters to hopefully make some money back on them! Anyone need 600+ blank coasters? Hmmm? Could be fun!

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  1. I would never have thought to make my own coasters. That is a great idea. They turned out very good. Nice Job!