Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a Party!

So I never really introduced our wedding party to all of you! In case you'd like to meet our extended family, I am pleased to introduce our BRIDAL PARTY!

Let's begin with the men's side:
I would love for Nolan to add his twist on men standing beside him as we make the plunge into married life, but I can almost guarantee that it'd go a little something like this:

Junior, Gomer, and Bradley were friends since elementary school, they've seen it all and more. Buddha worked with Nolan at one of his first jobs bouncing in Chico, they have too many stories to count about throwing patrons out of the bars! Vince is Camille's little brother and up until a few weeks ago had no idea he was a groomsmen... that's Vinny for you! :)

Generoso (Junior) Escartin
Junior and his daughter, Alana!

Michael Bradley

Lance (Gomer) Gomes

Brian (Buddha) Babauta

Vince Pezzuto
Picture is at Thanksgiving with Adam, Vince, and Nolan.

Nick and Bob Behimer

These boys are rough and tumble as any healthy 6 and 3-year-old should be. They've made me a very excited and usually worn out Aunt!

My girls that will be there to zip me up and send me off into wedded bliss:

Rachel (Stinky) Fulstone
We played high school sports together but became close those last years of high school when you begin to make decisions about the future. College, boyfriends, parents, life - we've done it all, together! Rachel is one of the most intelligent people I know. She's gone on to make a wonderful life for herself in Denver after graduating with a Masters in Engineering. Hopefully we can manage to move close enough to walk to each other's front doors like we've been able to so many places before! She is a source of inspiration, truth when it matters, and the occational embarrising story!!

Rachel Ovard
Since we were 2 our parents have lived 50 yards from each other. I've spent more summers with her than with anyone else. She is true and real and spends her days teaching 1st graders. She won't ever deceive you and is the first to tell you when she doesn't approve of something or someone, she's never been described as shy! She just caught herself a husband this past June who complements her in every way.

Jackie Harper
I currently live with Jackie. She is my little Filipino! Jackie and I met playing rugby in Reno. She has a great sense of style and a flare for the new and unexplored. We moved to Chicago together as a post college adventure - what an adventure it has been! Picture is of her last birthday and our friend Stafan.

Kerrie Badalucco
The first time I spoke with Kerrie she responded with a disgusting amount of sarcasm that caught my attention. Her knowledge of Full House and Save by the Bell will astound even the most raging Uncle Jesse fan. I can always count on her for words of wisdom and great laugh. She is a school teacher in Gardnerville, one that I always wished I had when I was 11!

Trish Mynster
Trish is one of Nolan's many cousins. She is a mean rugger and we bonded instantly, it's hard not to get attached to her! You can hardly be sad around her with her smiles and general giddy demenior. Las Vegas is her home and recycling is her game. Trish is herself and if I've learned anything from her it's to smile more, laugh harder, and conserve energy! :) She truly is one of the kindest people I know.

Reese Bradley

Really, must I explain how cute this one is? Reese is Nolan's groomsman's daughter. At the ripe ol' age of 7 she is an articulate, cheery girl!

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  1. Camille! I just wanted to congratulate you and Nolan and tell you how excited and happy I am for you. Also, this blog is incredible. Dude, you are very organized and it was actually really fun to read through all of your posts and see the progression of the wedding (I LOVE the postcard idea by the way). So, the wedding is in a matter of weeks now, and friend I am thinking of you and wishing you only the happiest of happiness from now until forever. CONGRATS AGAIN!