Tuesday, August 11, 2009

With this Ring...

Well, I feel pretty excited at the moment.

UPS delivered a fun package today! Inside a sporty little ring for the Mister! I will take some photos but I couldn't wait to share my excitement!

His ring is from Superior Wedding Rings. We ordered a tungsten metal ring because of the indestructible aspect they boast about! I figured if Nolan wanted to wear it on the boat it would last much longer if it's made strong!

I emailed their manager to see if we could order a size 11.25 (the only options were full and half sizes online), and the manager told me to write it in the comments and if I wanted free shipping to use the code: 3232! I know right, FANTASTIC. I saved myself $12! Yahoo! I decided to use that toward an inscription! The inside says, "It began with a rain check!" (A story for another time!)

I ordered his ring on 8/4 and it was delivered today, 8/11! Check and check!

Thanks Superior Wedding Rings!

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