Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Button Bouts!

This Labor Day weekend, in fact most weekends this year I've occupied most of my time with wedding related projects! Yesterday I officially checked off boutonnieres!!!!

I wasn't sure how to start, but I think they turned out pretty fine! I bought many supplies... too many really! They might show up on the FOR SALE label soon! But it was fun to experiment and watch them evolved after 9 were made!

I chose to make them so it would be one less thing to worry about when we're in Reno the week before the wedding. We aren't hiring a florist - as much as I love flowers, I can't find a good enough reason to hire one to create the few flower items we're having. Ric, Nolan's sis is growing flowers to use for our bouquets, she owns Chickie Baby Bloom, fresh cut flowers and produce, operating out of Fallon, Nevada. Center pieces will include pumpkins and potted flowers. They'll be truly homemade and I can't wait to see them.

So the bouts...
Nolan and I walked through a few antique shops and thrift stores on Friday to find a few items for the wedding and I got to thinking about the boutonnieres. What if, instead of silk flowers, they had buttons? About 5 weeks ago I had attempted this project and came up with...

The first version

It was an attempt to look like the one from this post.

I couldn't quite recreate it, that one was full of whimsy and romance, this one looks harsh and NOT RIGHT...

So, I did my own thing. I picked up some really awesome buttons from an antique shop, floral wire, floral tape, ribbon, brown tool, and pheasant feathers from Joann's and we were in business!
My purchases:

of them took me the end of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, watching/playing 3 hours of Wii Mini Golf with Nolan, and another hour of TV, there might have been a BBQ break in there to celebrate the holiday!

Voila! May I introduce our button bouts!

The bout against Nolan's suit

Each one has a different combination of buttons, leafs, feathers, tool; they all include the same ribbon around the stem and plaid decorative ribbon. I can't wait to see them on the men. Now just how do I transport them to Reno?

They'll be complementing these ties:

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