Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Evolution of the Bicycle!

Copenhagen Wheel - when your looking to be green NOT exhausted!

Anytime you step on the brakes, the generator collects power that it stores in an on-board battery. A sensor in the wheel’s hub can tell when your ride becomes strenuous, like when you’re heading uphill. The sensor then triggers an electric motor that boosts your forward pedaling power. The next time you hit the brakes the cycle starts all over.

But this next-gen bike doesn’t stop at regenerative braking and electric helper motors. A Bluetooth connection in the wheel can speak to an iPhone that fits snugly into the mount on your handlebars. From there it feeds you all kinds of information through an app, including map and traffic info, heightened pollution alerts, speed, distance, fitness data, etc.

I am pretty fascinated by this.  I wonder how this will change normal commuting!?   

Would you purchase this for your daily commute?

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