Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Walk in the Park - Portraits

We ended our ceremony with a KISS then, grinning ear to ear along with a sigh of relief we ran down the aisle as husband and wife.

There were handshakes and high fives but mostly smiles and well wishes!


Soon after everyone picked up their chairs and headed to the reception I had help from my brother and maid of honor to remove wood chips from my shoes and pumped up for more pictures.  I forgot to put on lip gloss at this point (Bummer) - so make it a point to tell your maid of honor to remind you!  It's just not something you think of at that moment in time!

Then the real work began - wearing a non-stop smile!  I tell you what, my cheeks felt it the next morning!   We took family portraits and bridal party portraits under the tree and additional couple portraits inside the gazebo and around the park. 

Here are some portraits to look at.  If you can't get enough you can view more pro photos and friend's photos on Picurio.

This is when Michelle did her work and we just smiled and enjoyed each others' company.

The following photos are all by Michelle


Our photographer, Michelle Lee scouted out a few other spots earlier in the week so we spent another 20 minutes and took some additional couple photos, which I LOVE!


Then we walked elsewhere which was caught on film and I love this one by one of our guests.

After we took a few more shots and we were ready to be introduced and dance our first dance.

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