Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fabric embellishments for our home

Before I show you my completed projects I'd like to say there have been 6 comments on my last blog post – thank you to everyone who shared their great veggie inspired puns. The cards are currently being designed and remember the 10th person who comments will be getting a set of cards when they're printed! SO - GO COMMENT!

I’ve completed a few projects while Nolan’s been on the boat these last 2 weeks.

Below are a few photos so you can see the improvement the fun fabrics have made in our home.

Curtains to hide the storage wall


The fabrics close up

TV Stand Dust Cover - just an "after"

We chose to cover the TV Stand to hide the ridiculous amount of dust it accumulates. This is an Ikea piece and its finish like much of their other furniture attracts dust. It is something to keep in mind when purchasing an Ikea product. We love it even more now with the Ikea fabric on it!

I have one more piece of fabric lying on the table waiting to be used. It will eventually be a tablecloth. Since I have a puzzle on the table, I have put this project on the back burner.

I have collected 5 more plates for our plate wall - that will be my next update if you're curious to see how it turned out! 

FYI – all of these items above have "no sew" hems – meaning I love fabric glue secured with iron heat!

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