Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Veggie Inspired!

You may think this is about eating healthy – WRONG!

 Fabulous Dish Towels from To Dry For

Today I want to get some reader/friend/family input – yes even from you who read and don’t comment!
Today I am inspired by eatable plants – mainly from my new favorite blog, Design*Sponge.  They include a couple posts a day that inspire apartment decor and design, stationary, city architecture, all delicious things that deter me from work!  Today they included dish towel designs, a LOVE I inherited from my mother who send me towels for most holidays – these towels are from To Dry For.
So what I need you for is this idea I’ve cooked up in my head!
I am going to design a fun collection of cards featuring your ever lovely vegetables; radishes, rutabagas, celery, carrots, beets, squash, etc.  I will be taking care of the illustrations if you can help me with the words!
If you think of a clever saying including a vegetable or a reference to vegetable (and fruit, I don’t discriminate) then I want it!
Need an example?
  • Orange illustration – “ORANGE you glad I didn’t say Banana?”
  • Grapes illustration – “Love you BUNCHES!”
  • Celery illustration – “I’ll be your stalker.”  (Okay, so that’s not the greatest – this is why I need you!)
I will send the 10th person to comment a free set of cards when they are printed – a potential Mother’s Day gift!!


  1. Seriously kids - I want your help! Please!

  2. I will set the bar low...

    The fly's most feared veggie: the squash!
    I didn't know what to get you so I made an educated aspara-guess.
    Don't worry, beet happy!
    I couldn't find a good card for you because they were all too corny. (pic of corn)
    I like you like I like my potatoes, au lotin' (au gratin...no?)

  3. These are a few just off the top of my head...
    Valentines Day: Will you be my Swedish Turnip?
    For Friends: Just a reminder, I can be your Ambarella when it rains!
    Anniversary?: Every year I'm a little more Cassabananas over you!

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  5. Jax, are you drunk or trying to speak Spanish? I don't get any of yours?
    Lucas - I like your fly one a lot, my kind of humor!

  6. You're the beets!

  7. This reminded me of an old wedding shower game so I found a copy, but it was blank! After straining the old brain for awhile, I came up with MOST of the answers. It goes like this:
    Dear Bride and Groom:
    To all newlyweds, everyone gives advice, so why should you be an exception? First, as you know, you CANTELOPE because everyone wants to see the wedding and if you CARROT all, you'll TURNIP at the church. You may get the RASPBERRIES at first, but you're not such a sour GRAPE that you can't take it.
    Please take this advice: Never BEET your wife. Remember, she is a human BEAN too, and a darn cute TOMATO!
    A good wife always has a sunny disposition, never be MELONcholy. We are glad the groom has a nice job and hope he soon gets a nice big RAISIN CELERY.
    In closing, kids, LETTUCE say this may be a lot of _______ and we're crazy or even full of BEANS, but we hope this ONION will be blessed with six little SPROUTS.
    I.M. Dunn, Pres.
    U.R. Too, Secty.
    P.S. Kindly remember to do all of your necking in the MUSHROOM.

    Kinda hokey, but maybe you can work with some of these puns! Susie