Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Judge a book by its cover

Delightful Packaging – when was the last time you bought something because it looked good?
One of the things I love that influences my many purchases (call me your sucker consumer) is a product’s packaging.  WINE is a perfect example of this – their labels and names can make it or break it!
Before I give you the goods, add a fun veggie pun to this post: Veggie Inspired
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So back to wine...WINE packaging completely persuades me to buy and DRINK their product!  Wine labels are my version of filling out a college basketball bracket based on the team colors and mascot. I've included a few examples.
Smoking Loon- I tried their Syrah
Fat Bastard Wine Company
Giant 47 Pound Rooster Pinot Noir

Mommy's Time Out Pinot Grigio! 

I found a couple websites that are fun to drool over too.  They include all sorts of packaging from crayons to milkshakes!
Lovely Packaging, a fun blog devoted to packaging a great source of inspiration.  They even include student work. 
The Die Line, a creative blog with many resources including a job board!
Design*Sponge included a great post today about how to design your own packaging.
Tool Kit is another source for small businesses.  They have some recommendations for packaging too.
 I would buy these items if I saw them in the store: 

Milkshake cartons
Crayon/Marker Box
Pain Pills!

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  1. I totally buy wine based on the label. They get me every time. I love the Mad Housewife label! Cracks me up!