Thursday, October 14, 2010

When leaving America you should:

remember to tell your bank, your parents, and your husband and take along a few addresses for postcards cause you'll want to make others jealous!

For instance sending someone a great photo of this amazing church might make someone very jealous...

Thursday afternoon I arrived at the airport all excited to make my way to Spain.  I couldn't wait to see my friends, especially Jackie!  I arrived in Madrid early Friday morning with little to no sleep due to the contant cabin lights (must purchase an eye mask for my next flight) and twin 18-month-old girls in the center seats beside me.  They were only quiet if they were both asleep - they were never quiet at the same time!  My earplugs that I did come equipped with didn't prove to be much help!

After landing and walking about a mile I went through customs and waited for my bag.  Waiting - waiting - the belt turned off - the belt turned on - waiting - rolling my eyes - watching everyone else pick up their luggage - saw the twins comfy and quiet in their stroller, assholes!! - waiting - almost everyone has exited the baggage claim area - still waiting!  NOTHING!  My Spanish kicked in just in time to confront the baggage claim lady of their mishap!  My bag was on its way and should be in Madrid by 4 that afternoon, with an exasperated sigh I gave the lady our hostel address where they promised to deliver it that evening and went on my merry way.  

I found myself sans luggage and exhausted on my way to Terminal 4 to meet everyone.  As I exited the elevator I heard a glorious, "Shmille!" from across the corridor!  Oh, Happy DAY!

I sat with Jackie and Shorty waiting for our fourth companion while we consumed fresh juice and the most amazing coffee!

Aubrey showed up about an hour later - a bit frazzled!  We hopped on the Metro (a surprisingly clean and easy to navigate public transportation system) and made our way to the hostel!  Jackie did a great job picking out a lovely place!  If you want details - I've got details!

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